Welcome from Chancellor

Education is a process which contributes in building socio-economic infrastructure of the nation. The efforts taken to provide education to the masses, has made India emerged as an economic power. We feel proud to act as contributors of this social transformation

The most salient feature of the University is its unique and innovative curricular framework which is comparable to the best universities across the world. All Programmes of Study are planned to be modular with multi exit and multi entry and are inherently multi-disciplinary, thereby enabling students to make their own baskets of courses to complete their chosen Programmes of Study. This also includes accepting transfer of credits earned by students in other recognized universities and enabling them to accumulate certain credits from other institutions of repute in India and abroad.

The University has been started in a temporary academic block to cater to the demand of public for initiating the academic programme. Thus, the University started functioning in 2013 and with the academic session 2013-14, APU began its voyage into the sea of academics. At this nascent stage of development of the university, you may not have the kind of physical comfort as one might expect from a pioneering Apex Professional University. But that would be more than duly compensated by the stimulating intellectual environment and innovative Programmes of Study, which shall enable you to stand apart and make rapid strides in your career.

I am sure that your stunt with this University will contribute immensely in fulfillment of your cherished goals towards excellence in career building and development of your personality into a good human being. I am confident that you would be able to realize your full potential and make a mark in social and corporate life of our Nation. you would chart a new path of excellence and meet the challenges of the globalized world. I am quite sure that with our combined efforts the Apex Professional University will carve out its hallowed status in the national and international arena of higher education and that together we shall be able to contribute to the welfare and development of the local people, culture and society of Arunachal Pradesh and large community of academic across the country as well.

In order to accomplish our vision and mission, we are prepared to take much effort as possible for betterment of academic scenario in India. We believe that education is an effective medium of social transformation. We get encouragement, looking at bright and successful career of our students, which subsequently benefit the society. We feel proud that we founded such an excellent University special, in terms of our academic expertise, whether you are a student, employer or prospective colleague.

I wish you all the best in your future career as students of Apex Professional University.

Prof. Dhanwant Singh