With a view to develop interdisciplinary studies, the University operates through its Schools of Studies. The following Schools of Studies are proposed by University in phased manners over period of time:

  1. School of Education and Sports
  2. School of Law & Juridical Science
  3. School of Agriculture and Animal Sciences
  4. School of Business & Management Science
  5. School of Medical Sciences
  6. School of Humanities and Languages
  7. School of Social Sciences
  8. School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  9. School of Fine Arts and Art Education
  10. School of Planning, Architecture and Design
  11. School of Engineering & Technology
  12. School of Basic and Applied Sciences
  13. School of Health and Allied Sciences
  14. School of Emerging Technologies

Some of the other Centres and Directorates which in coordination with the academic, administrative and service wings have developed very useful and educative courses/programmes, are as follows.

  • Directorate of Professional Community Colleges
  • Directorate of Outreach
    • Department of Industry Integrated Education and Research
    • Centre of External Students
    • Centre for Corporate & International Relations
  • Directorate of Pre University Education
    • Department of Secondary Education
    • Department of Senior Secondary Education
    • Centre for Skill Development Training
  • Institute of Research and Innovations
  • Directorate of online Education