External Students Registration Scheme aims to provide opportunities to those students who could not continue or complete their studies due to various circumstances and have ended up taking up whatever jobs were available. Some, by sheer hard work and determination have stabilized their careers but are facing a not-so-bright future due to lack of graduate or postgraduate qualifications. Here is a golden opportunity for such candidates who may be under qualified but not necessarily under ambitious.

“External Student” means a Private Student who is registered at Main Campus of the University for any certificate or diploma or degree programme, but study independently outside the University in accordance with section 2(1)(j) and 5(36) of the Apex Professional University Act, 2012, provided they are eligible for admission under the Regulation;

External (Private) Students Registration Scheme does not come under the ambit of Distance Education Bureau (DEB) as per UGC letter F. No. UGC/DEB/RTI/2013/Vol 158/3351-52 Dated:  22nd November, 2013 and as per UGC Letter F.No. 1-2/2009 (CPP-II)  dated 16th January, 2014, University is empowered to registered External (Private) Students in accordance with the Apex Professional University Act, 2012.

Copy of the both letter are available on http://www.apexuniversity.edu.in/?p=399