1. What are the evaluation methods used for the External Students
Evaluation of the performance of learners is one of the important components of any learning system. The Apex Professional University evaluates the performance of its learners through Assignments, Project Works, Practical and Term-End Examinations.

The Comprehensive Continue Assessment of all subjects will be of 100 Marks. Out of this 30 marks are allocated for internal evaluation based on the progress made by the students. This evaluation is done on the basis of the Assignments (Handwritten) submitted to the University as per guidelines. The Term-end Examination for the remaining 70 marks will be conducted at selected examination centres in all over India as per University’s policy.

The Term End Examination duration is of two hours and consists of 70 multiple choice questions (MCQ) of the objective type i.e. conducted on Bar Code enabled OMR Answer Sheets. Each question carries one mark. Computer-based test (CBT) – On Demand Examinations are also conducted for all subjects. Huge advantage for working professionals allowing them to prioritise their professional and learning needs.

2. What is on demand examination(ODE)?
The novel concept of ODE is a great step in the direction of flexibility to the education system. In this scheme of examination the students who have completed the period of minimum study hours and submitted all their assignments can now choose the date of examination as per their convenience and preparation and need not to wait for six months for term end examinations. This is a boon for the external learners particularly for those who are working somewhere and find it difficult to appear in all courses in one go for so many days continuously as per the schedule of the term end examinations.At present, ODES is being conducted at APU Headquarter at PASIGHAT and at its Territory Examination Centre.

3. What is the medium of examination and assignments?“] All question paper and assignment in English only.

4. What is the Passing percentage?
A student should secure at least 50% aggregate marks in the Comprehensive Continue Assessment (Internal Assessment and Term End Examination) to pass a paper. Again, this may vary from program to program. Hence, students are advised to refer to the website at the time of admission.

As a general Principle, the Comprehensive Continue Assessment shall comprise the following components:

  • Internal Assessment: 30%
  • Term End Examination: 70%

5. What is meant by Internal Assessment (IA) Marks?
Students are advised to note that the IA pattern may vary from programme to programme. A student is required to submit assignments as prescribed against each subject. The faculty at the University will evaluate the assignments and assign marks based on the performance to each individual student

30% of total marks in a course will be awarded on the basis of internal assessment. Such assessment will be based on Total Student Effort (TSE). Accordingly, it shall take into account the accomplishment of students across the total workload specifications comprising the:

  • Contact Hours / Organized Classroom Activity;
  • Practical’s / Lab work / Tutorial /Teacherled
  • Activities
  • Individual / Group Work;
  • Obligatory / Optional Work Placement;
  • Literature Survey / Library work;
  • Data Collection / Field work / Project Work;
  • Papers / Projects / Dissertation / Seminar;
  • Assignments / Quizzes / midterm
  • End semester examination.

Note : Student needs to submit their Assignments on or before the due date given by the University, Otherwise student will not be eligible to fill the Examination Forms.

6. Where will be my Examination Centre?
Examination Centre established or maintained or recognised by the University within or outside of the country under section 5(8) of the Apex Professional University Act, 2012 (No. 07 of 2013) for the purposes of conducting examination for External students, who is registered with the University.
Apex Professional University will conduct Examination only in the recognised Schools / Govt. Colleges and where more than 25 registered external Students or if the examination centre located more than 120 kilometers away from the nearest examination centre.

7. What is the procedure for Examination Centre (EC) Transfer?
The request for change of Examination Centre must reach the University prior to 45 days before starting Examination. Examination Centre transfer facility is available only for writing theory Examinations. The Examination Centre transfer from domestic to international or vice-versa is not permitted, as the Examinations Schedules differ. Following procedure has to be followed:

  • Submit Examination Centre Transfer application prior to the stipulated date.
  • Provide the valid reasons for the change along with the proof.
  • Enclose prescribed fee in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of ‘Apex Professional University’’ payable at Pasighat.

8. What is the procedure to be followed in case of loss of Examination-related documents like Admit Card, Identity Card etc?
No student is permitted to enter the Examination Hall without the Admit Card and Identity Card. In case of any last minute loss of Admit Card, students can download the eAdmit Card available under Student Login in the website. If the Identity Card is lost, students can seek permission to write the examination with a valid photo identity proof e.g.Passport/Driving License/Voter ID Card/PAN Card. However, immediately after the examinations, students should apply and obtain a new ID card by submitting the appropriate application to the University.

9. What are the consequences of appearing in the Examinations without the Admit Card?
Students are not permitted to appear in the Examinations without the valid Admit Card. If it is found that any student has appeared in the examinations without the Admit Card, the result will be treated as NULL and VOID. A case will also be registered against the student for Malpractices for suitable action.

10. What is the procedure, if a mistake is committed while filling the Re-sitting Form?
Students are required to go through the necessary guidelines prior to filing the Re-sitting Form. Admit Cards will be issued as per the details filled in the Re-sitting Forms. Mistakes committed while filling the Re-sitting Forms should be immediately brought to the notice of the concerned Section of the University. However, the University reserves the right to accept or reject such requests.

11. What are the consequences of making a mistake in the Answer Sheet (e.g. Roll No. or Subject Code wrongly written)?
Students have to strictly adhere to the guidelines provided in the Question Papers/Answer Sheets. However, the students may forward a written representation about such mistakes committed giving full details. University at its discretion may accept or reject such requests.

12. What is to be done, when two Semester subjects clash in the Examinations time table?
The problem basically arises for students who have accumulated too many backlog papers. There is no provision for appearing in two different examination papers in the same Session on the same day. In all such cases, students are advised to apply and appear for only one paper. If found that any student has appeared in two papers simultaneously in the same Session, the result will be treated as NULL and VOID. A case will also be registered against the student under Malpractices for a suitable action.

13. How do we apply for supplementary examinations?
There is no supplementary examination system, at present. However, term-end examinations are held twice a year for external students. The examination will be conducted at designated examination center (a neutral venue) twice a year. Tentative schedule of examination is as under:

  • Examination for the Calendar Session term-end examination will be held in the month of July.
  • Examination for the Academic Session term-end examination will be held in the month of January.

The exact date schedule will be published on the website prior to the commencement of the term-end examination. The students may apply in any of the sessions to become eligible to appear for backlog papers. However, students are advised to refer to the eligibility guidelines provided along with re-sitting form.

Keeping in view of such problems of learners, the APU has also brought out a more flexible and learner friendly scheme of “On–Demand Examination”. In this scheme of examination the students can now choose the date of examination as per their convenience and preparation and need not to wait for six months for term end examinations.