The APU’s governance structure and constitution have been developed so that they hold true to the ethos, principles and requirements of good governance in higher education.


Like other public bodies, we have a duty to conduct our affairs in a responsible and transparent way, and to take into account the requirements of our funding bodies. In addition to this, our governance structures enable us to fulfil our strategic objectives and ensure we are well managed and accountable to our stakeholders.

The APU's governance structure is comprised of a number of authoritative bodies, some of which include both officers of the University and Government Representatives. The University Act  and statutes provide for and empower each of these bodies to fulfil a distinct role in our governance framework.

Board of Governors
The Board of Governors is the principal executive and policy-making body of the University for laying down policies, statutes and rules as well as approving the budget and annual report. It has overall responsibility for the administration of the University, for defining its mission, for planning its work and for the management of its resources.

List of members of the Board of Governors

Board of Management
The Board of Management is the principal executive body at APU that is responsible for key management decisions such as approval of senior appointments, fixing emoluments, providing infrastructure, preparing annual accounts through the Finance Committee, entering into contracts, etc.
List of members of the Board of Management

Academic Senate
The Academic Senate plays a key role in the governance of the Apex Professional university (APU) . It acts as the University’s principal academic authority. This autonomy of academic governance sets higher education institutions apart from other corporate entities.

A large number of the statutory powers reserved to Senate are regulatory in nature and control the academic business of the University. The senate is responsible to the Board of Governors for the promotion of research and for monitoring standards in teaching.
List of members of the Academic Senate

Finance Committee
As a statutory committee of the University, Finance Committee  advise on the management of the University's assets, including real property, moneys, securities, investments, reserves, income and expenditure.
List of members of the Finance committee

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