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All you need to know about Assessment, Exams and Grades

Evaluation System

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Philosophy of Assessment

Assessment is the process of forming a judgment about the quality and extent of student achievement or performance, and therefore by inference a judgment about the learning itself. Assessment inevitably shapes the learning that takes place; that is, what students learn and how they learn it should reflect closely the purposes and aims of the course of study. 

The aims of assessment include: 

  • improving the quality of the curriculum (courses and programs);  
  • evaluating the effectiveness of the teaching process and facilitating continuing improvement;  
  • improving and promoting subsequent learning through feedback that is clear, informative, timely and relevant;  
  • formally certifying achievements for external audiences; and  
  • accountability to the University, accrediting bodies, employers and the wider community.

Six methods of assessment commonly used at the University:







How to Apply for Examination

Application Process

Complete the relevant application form.
Attach any relevant supporting documentation outlining the reason for your request.
Make your payment via APUpay. Attach receipt to your application.
Submit your application at Head – Students Affairs or speed post directly to the Controller of Examinations ,no later than four weeks prior to the scheduled on-campus exam date.
Allow 10 working days for your application to be processed.
Download Examination Form


A student must have a minimum attendance of 75% in a course during a semester, in lectures, tutorials or practical’s taken together (as applicable). The Programme Coordinator while awarding the grades will take into account the consolidated attendance record for the whole semester (Lectures, Tutorials and practical, co-curricular activities etc.).

A student with less than 75% attendance in a course will be awarded ‘X’ grade (Absent) in that course irrespective of his/her performance in the tests during the semester.

If you are enrolled in an on-campus course, you may be eligible to sit your exam externally, if you have:

A student will be subject to grade drop as per APU Policy.
Medical Ground with Certificate from Medical Officer.

Exam Fee

Full Time Programme:
Online Examination Fee: INR 500 Per Paper
Paper Pencil Exam Fee: INR 750 per Paper

External Programme:
Online Examination Fee: INR 500 Per Paper
OMR Exam Fee: INR 1,000 per Paper

These fees cover the costs of postage, exam supervision, venue hire and other associated costs. Examination fee once paid is neither refundable nor adjustable even if the learner fails to appear in the examination

Exam Locations

Most exams are held on campus. Check your personal exam timetable in MyAPU for details of where your exams are being held. Remember to check the timetable 24 hours before each exam, as venue allocations may sometimes change. If any of your courses are listed as ‘External’, your exam arrangements might be a little different.

Private Student

If you are a private (external) student sitting at an external exam centre you will also receive notification of your exam arrangements via your APU student email within one week of the release of the final exam timetable.

Note: You are required to confirm your attendance five working days prior to the exam date. You are also responsible for contacting the external centre prior to the exam date to ensure you have the correct times, date and location.

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