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Acharya Dhanwant Singh

Founder Chancellor
Alumnus from IIM Ahmedabad

The Chancellor is the University’s ceremonial head and one of its most prominent ambassadors. Our current Chancellor is Acharya Dhanwaant Singh.


The Chancellor is involved in activities which promote the University to the wider community and plays a key part in some of the University’s important business. These duties include presiding over meetings of the Board of Governors and over convocation of the University for the conferment of degrees, but do not involve day-to-day executive management or the running of the University.

At APU, The Chancellor is Chairman of the sponsoring body. The role is an honorary position and cannot therefore be held by anyone in paid employment of the University.


Since taking up the Chancellorship in 2013, Acharya Dhanwant Singh has contributed to the University significantly on a local, national and international scale. 

Acharya Dhanwant Singh, Alumni of IIM Ahmedabad, can be summarized in three simple words: Technologist by Education, Social Entrepreneur by Profession and MetaPhysician by Passion. He was born in 1974 to teacher parents in Amritsar, a holy city in Punjab, India. He has spent most of his career in the education and training sectors. He is educated from IIM Ahmedabad on Leadership and Management and Leaders of Learning from Harvard.

In 2019, Acharya Dhanwant Singh was listed as one of the 40 Educational Evangelists of India by Forbes. He has been a member of and made significant contributions to many boards and committees over several decades, particularly in the education and IT sectors. 

Acharya Dhanwant Singh has been nurtured in a Gurukul tradition and learned Sankhya Darshan, SwaraYoga, Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Vedic Architecture and Vedic Cosmology. Acharya Dhanwant Singh insights have been featured in Forbes, Times of India, India Today, Economics Times and Indian Express etc.  

His mission is to alleviate pain and suffering of the human through his educational and coaching programs. He has established a number of educational institutions for enhancing human intelligence and positively transforming every aspect of life. He has many charitable interests, particularly involving the creation of opportunity for young people.

Acharya Dhanwant Singh is a humble teacher at heart and an expert on his subject and remains ever approachable for people who need him the most, right from top business leaders to the common man. As a dynamic Corporate Yogi, he touched many hearts and inspired many minds.