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Teaching Andragogy

We offers many different ways to study at APU

Innovative Teaching

Our innovative teaching methods and gurukul learning environment make for an experience that is uniquely APU.

At APU, students learn in new teaching spaces designed to inspire creativity, promote collaboration and encourage innovation. Depending on your degree, you’ll attend a combination of lectures, tutorials, workshops or laboratory classes. How you are taught will largely depend on your course content, level of study and your academic tutor – but, however you are taught, you will be required to undertake a large proportion of your study independently.  

Blended Learning

We’ve also introduced blended learning initiatives, Traditional classroom teaching combined with digital learning and dedicated student advisors to empower students to find the knowledge needed to achieve their goals.  

Flipped Classroom

Consider a ‘flipped’ approach by asking learners to watch video content before the class session, and devote in-class time to exercises, projects and discussions.

Gurukul Academic System

We believe every Student have unique potential  

Gurukul Academic System is designed on the framework of the ancient Indian Education system. A stronger emphasis is placed on removing unwanted things from the minds of students. We teach our students Vidya ( Modern Education) , Sadvidya (Traditional education), and BrahmaVidya (Spiritual education) – teaching you not only how to answer, but how to question.


We believe that every Student is unique and has a capability scope whether it is a subject, sports or other co-curricular activities.  

Learning Support

We’ll give you individual learning support to help you take control of your learning and develop your confidence. At APU every student is assigned an academic adviser who is there to give advice about any academic issues throughout the duration of your course. 

Your adviser will be able to help you get to grips with studying and learning more independently. They’ll also be able to help you develop your skills that are specific to your degree programme. 

Lecture & Tutorial

Lectures are widely used across the Apex Professional University to deliver information, ideas and theories to a large number of students.

Practical Training

Learning by doing is an essential part of many courses, particularly if you are studying a science, Technology or Health related degree.

Case Method

Learning through the case method entails discussion of real-life decision scenarios. The university instructor acts as a lead facilitator.

Peers Learning

We learn better in groups than as individuals. We also learn better when we share our learning with our peers. This enables students to learn from one another.

Real Life Learning

Depending on the type of degree you are doing, you may do a major project under the guidance of course instructors, which will generally be in your final year. 

Field Work

Field Work can range from one-day sessions to longer, more in-depth expeditions  that allow you to explore specific areas or learn particular techniques.