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Our reputation is just one reason why APU is the best place for you to study. At APU we are passionate about grooming leaders who are not only thorough professionals but also good human beings with values and sanskars.

Apex Professional University (APU) provides modern gurukul environment for the holistic growth of students, under the able guidance of experienced and dedicated teachers. Students acquire creative, innovative, entrepreneurial and the technological skills, which are required to make them professional and industry ready.

Education at APU is not just about books and classrooms, but also about overall personality development and honing special skills. The curriculum is broad- based and students are allowed to register for many programme electives, as also open electives from diverse streams.The faculty at APU is highly qualified and is assisted by an eminent and experienced Adjunct faculty from academia and industry.

The campus is fully wi-fi enabled and Central Computing Facility. The academic process is completely automated, with an Academic Management System in place, which allows students and their parents to access their grades and attendance, etc., from the confines of their homes. It also renders the evaluation and online examination systems that are open and transparent.

The spacious and state-of-the-art digital Library at APU is adequately stocked, with the requisite number of reference and text-books, a large number of national and international journals of repute, e-books and e-journals. Many indoor and outdoor facilities are available to students for sports, cultural and technical activities, outside the classroom, through various Student Clubs.

Peer support schemes are support structures led by students, for students. These schemes aim to give you a sense of belonging and identity with the University and ultimately, to enhance your student experience. Peer mentors are higher-year students on the same degree programme as you, who will help you find your feet when you arrive here and adjust to student life.

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